About the event

Managing data has become the most challenging task for technology professionals today while business leaders are now recognizing that without fast, relevant and accessible information, they are likely to be losing out to their rivals.

Today we preside in the information era, where businesses succeed on their ability to gather, manage and analyse data to speed decision-making and better service customers, partners and employees.

The companies that can best manage the masses of data that flow from source internally and externally will separate themselves from the pack.

Big Data, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics are the modern battlefields where the weapons of choice are high performance analytics tools, in-memory databases and most critically, highly-skilled analytics and data professionals.

This event gathers leading experts in the field of Big Data and Analytics to share factors that determine success and failure in the information age.

Event Highlights

  • From Big Data to Big Insights, Big Vision, and Big Opportunities
  • Be more customer-centric and growth-driven — using business intelligence to build up your company’s intelligence
  • Integration of Cloud, Social, Mobile and Big Data to form a Big Vision — an accelerated and optimized system with full support across cloud and on-premise and a mix of both, and built-in BI and social capabilities
  • Big Data in the Cloud – Cloud usage for search, pictures, video, e-commerce, mobile, tablet, laptops and corporate computing is driving more storage.  What is the new way massive data pools are being managed, searched and deployed?
  • Big Data Analytics – How to develop analytics processes that were faster and more scalable than traditional data warehousing? How to extract value from the vast amounts of unstructured data produced daily by web users?
  • Big Data Storage – From traditional data storage to valuable data services – Data protection and system availability. Reduced time to deployment for new applications and enhanced business agility. Change management, lifecycle management and cost savings

Technology Perspective

  • “Big data” access and analysis requirements – shaping the development of BI and analytics technologies
  • Software and service developments – mobile and cloud BI and analytics implementation
  • Social media and BI – how BI and analytics tools are using info assets obtained from social media
  • Emerging technologies for visual analysis that can improve user productivity with BI and analytics
  • Mobile BI
    • Current trends and drivers behind mobile BI and analytics deployment
    • What your peer organizations are doing, and plan to do with mobile BI and analytics
    • BI and analytics functionality available on mobile devices and planned for the future
    • Data management and security concerns and how to address them

Business Perspective

  • How to make use of data as information assets to improve business outcomes
  • How to deliver better customer experiences, save costs through operational efficiency, and more
  • Capitalize on the BI business value – features and functions that will provide competitive advantages
  • Increase agility and respond to dynamic needs – deploying BI and analytics on mobile devices and in the cloud