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Big Data & Business Analytics Forum 2014

“Through 2015, 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will be unable to exploit big data for competitive advantage” – Gartner

Despite overwhelming interest by businesses in wanting to leverage big data there are very few that are actually actively implementing big data solutions – only 8%, according to latest research from Gartner.

This could be due to confusion of what constitutes big data but definitions aside, everyone is facing a data or information management challenge. Whether it is managing the sheer growth of data,  getting better and faster access or becoming better at turning data into real actionable insight and information.

What companies are looking for today is tapping into the abilities of the Facebooks and Googles of this world in their ability to really leverage their data to really drive up revenues, drive down efficiency and generally give them key competitive advantage in their markets.

Attend the annual Big Data and Business Analytics Forum to find out how to really ignite your big data ambitions and turn raw data into real customer insight, predictive market information, but also hidden insight on optimizing operations, processes and business performance at all levels.

Big data is more than just better customer experience. Hear from expert speakers as they share views on these key issues:


(A) From Data to Business Opportunities and Action

  • Turning data into real time action – Translating data into insights with commercial relevancy, then  into appropriate actions to compete effectively in the market
  • Personalized customer experience – monitoring and influencing the customers on an individual level
  • Optimize business through data – highlight the best and worst performing operations, optimizing processes and improving bottom lines and profit margins through analytics


(B)  Infrastructure to Support the Data-Driven Business

  • How to build and extend a dynamic infrastructure to support the new information management vision
  • Emergence of software-defined storage – a cost effective architecture to intelligently  handle highly varied data
  • Managing the cost, risk and delay of adding new types of data


(C)  From “Human-Generated Data” to “Big Sensor Data” – Next-Gen Big Data

  • The next generation of Big Data use cases will revolve around making sense of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help optimize manufacturing processes or improve products with the objective of making money by saving time and reducing costs.
  • Combining unstructured and structured data from multiple systems

Who will attend?


  • Technology and business leaders with a need to become more data-driven in their management of business operations, process, people and customers.
  • CIOs, technology and business leaders, heads of customer service/customer intelligence, heads of information management, BI & analytics, decision science.