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Macau Economy in 2013

Macau economy will continue to grow at remarkable speed.  After an estimated expansion of 9.8% in 2012, real GDP of Macau will average 13.9% in the 2013-14 forecast period.

Macau once again tops the estimates from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on the world’s fastest-growing economies in 2013 with a 14.3% growth forecast for gross domestic product.

The forecast is based on the belief that “new casino projects are resumed and Chinese visitors (with rising wages) continue to raise gambling revenues” in Macau, according to a ranking released by EIU in January 2013.

Challenges faced by Macau CIOs and enterprise leaders

Change is the only constant in the business world today and businesses in Macau must face the need to transform themselves into modern dynamic organizations. How to speed up time to market? How to react more rapidly to change? How to support a fluid and shifting landscape?

Macau CIO Leadership Forum 2013 will focus on the issues that are critical to the business leadership role that CIOs must play today, being the CIO is much more than just managing technology.

In many ways the challenges facing CIOs today have never been greater.

There’s no doubt over the critical importance of technology and that gives rise to two scenarios –

1. Business leaders assume more control over IT with COOs and CFOs getting oversight.


2. CIOs step up and take on true C-level leadership roles

With consumerization and cloud computing, IT is no longer the sole body that determines the adoption and usage of technology. With business leaders and users demanding access to cloud services plus rank and file staff demanding mobile access to all corporate data. How can IT leaders put in effective governance in a world of consumerization and shifting tech landscape.

The hunger to innovate and to be faster and better than competitors is as great as ever – with increasing expectation on IT to decipher how best to use emerging technologies and deliver new ways of doing things.

Event Highlight
  • From Big Data to Big Insights, Big Vision, and Big Opportunities 
  • CIO as Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Chief Integration Officer and Chief Intelligence Officer. How CIOs can collaborate more with CXOs? 
  • Build a social-enabled enterprise — opens up all facets of enterprise to customer interactions as well as customer scrutiny 
  • Be more customer-centric and growth-driven — using business intelligence to build up your company’s intelligence 
  • Integration of Cloud, Social, Mobile and Big Data to form a Big Vision — an accelerated and optimized system with full support across cloud and on-premise and a mix of both, and built-in BI and social capabilities 
  • Go Global: What CIOs need to prepare for? 
View from the Top — Invaluable sharing from
  • Industry associations, local and regional 
  • Regional CIOs sharing ideas on business innovation and transformation 
  • CXOs (CEOs, CMOs, CFOs …) sharing views on IT-business collaboration and CIO-CXO partnership