About the event

The term CIO first became prominent in the late 1980s and early 1990s and since then the role has morphed from being the head of data processing to what is now a multi-dimensional business and technology leader.
Change is an inevitable facet of the CIO role – more than almost any other c-level leader. And today, CIOs face change in their domain that is unprecedented. Disruption has become the new normal and CIOs have had to rewrite their carefully planned systems and structures in the face of rapid technology consumerization, the unstoppable wave of new technologies like mobile, cloud and social.
The CIO role today faces both intense debate about the role should be and yet the business dependence on IT and technology has never been greater and will only continue to grow.
While some will see their roles threatened – the true leaders will see opportunity to grow their influence and impact on the business.
This event will explore how CIOs can be true business influencers and shape business strategy and success through technology
Key issues – the growing CIO role and the new IT playbook
  • CIOs to be indispensable to business as IT is now critical to all operations – CIOs now have the opportunity to engage and build even tighter collaboration across the whole C-suite leadership.
  • CIOs to be the managers of technology disruption – Understand the new tech landscape and formulate plans on how best to adopt emerging technology across all business units
  • CIOs as business transformation and change agents as each business leader strives to effect change in their departments and organizations
  • CIOs as the architects of a wider technology eco-system that go far beyond their own data centers
  • Elevating and transforming IT organizations to be service brokers and dynamic service providers