The Best IaaS award category applies to public cloud IaaS only, not private cloud IaaS. Applicants must operate a significant portion of their business with their own, custom-built infrastructure to be eligible. The Best SaaS award category covers all SaaS applications except the ones already covered by the other award categories — security, BI/analytics, collaboration, industry-vertical apps, and personal cloud services. The nominated SaaS must be self-developed by the candidates. The best SaaS will enable flexible customization by users to serve specific market needs.
The Best PaaS award category covers cloud development platforms, databases, development facilities, standalone and application delivery-only environments. Candidates need to show how PaaS evolved to meet users’ changing needs, and whether they provides support for developers. The Best Hybrid Cloud Service award category applies to managed service that bridges public and private cloud environments. Candidates need to demonstrate how they achieve low latency in the management across a mixed internal and external cloud services, and how they approach issues of reliability, data security/integration, and scalability.
The Best Cloud Security Service award category seeks a genuinely innovative approach to cloud security, without trading off usability and functionality. Candidates need to prove how they address challenges with compliance, audit trails, data integration and data recovery/business continuity. The Best Cloud BI/Analytics award category seeks solutions which best simplify the end-user’s experience with complex data. Candidates need to demonstrate their approaches towards issues of usability, while retaining an effective and powerful service.
The Best Cloud Collaboration Platform award category evaluates whether the nominated platform can support a variety of collaboration requirements and support the adoption of different models for different user roles within the organization. The Best Industry-Vertical Cloud Application award category covers cloud-based apps for specific vertical industries such as health, supply chain, retail, etc. It also covers community cloud services. Candidates need to show how well they optimize the applications for particular vertical or specific uses to meet industry-use and specifications.
The Best Personal Cloud Service award category covers enterprise-grade mobile apps/ cloud services typically aimed at individuals. Candidates will need to show how well they enable users to store, synchronize, stream and share content on a contextual basis, moving from one platform, screen and location to another.