Nomination Form

Submit your nomination now by completing your nomination details via this link: (Nomination is now CLOSED)

Full details of nomination requirements are contained within the nomination form at the above link. Each company can enter as a MAXIMUM of FOUR categories but only ONE nomination PER CATEGORY is allowed. The nomination form must be completed in English language only. No fee is required for nomination. The judging panel may reserve the right to discount any nomination if deemed inappropriate for any category.

ALL nominations must be completed and submitted by 5:00pm September 27, 2013 (Deadline extended to 5:00pm October 4, 2013)

General Criteria for Entry

1. Cloud service must have been available to the Asia market since Q2 2012 (calendar year);

2. Nominated product/service must be a PUBLIC CLOUD SERVICE (i.e., offered as a service, pay as you go and via shared infrastructure)

3. The nominated cloud services must be self-developed by the nominating company;

4. The nominee must have sales office in Asia Pacific;

5. Only one submission will be accepted for each product, regardless of the country office location;

6. Only nominations submitted by authorized company representatives (including authorized PR agencies) will be considered valid; and

7. No more than 4 categories can be entered for each organization.

General Submission Guidelines

1. No fee is required for nomination;

2. Please strictly observe the word limits and write concisely. Words in excess will be disregarded; and

3. No file attachments are allowed in this nomination form. To provide external references, please insert relevant hyperlinks in your submission for the judges’ reference.

Nominee Agreement on Submission Integrity

By entering this nomination form, the nominee agrees and testifies to the accuracy and truthfulness of all data within the submission information. If any discrepancy, inaccurate information or false statements are discovered by the judging panel, the panel may follow up for clarification and reserve the right to disqualify the entry in question.


Nomination enquiries:
Carol Ko, Editor (North Asia), Asia Cloud Forum