About The Event


“By 2015, ninety-nine percent of mission-critical applications in Global 2000 companies will contain Open Source.” —Gartner

Across all industries, momentum is building to migrate applications to the Cloud. While cost savings, speed of deployment and scalability top the list of business motivations, an increasing number of enterprises view Cloud as a key enabler of business transformation that can help improve customer engagement, forge new partnerships and drive competitive advantage.

Hence, enterprise CIOs and technology providers will need to focus their Cloud strategies on empowering business and developers first and put aside their own concerns and priorities. In 2015, it’s predicted that Cloud adoption will accelerate and technology management groups must adapt to this reality by learning how to add value to their company’s use of these services through facilitation, adaptation and evangelism. The days of fighting the Cloud are over. This means major changes are ahead for your enterprises, your portfolio, application architecture, and your vendor relationships.

The Open Cloud Conference 2015 will highlight the latest innovations in public, private, hybrid Clouds, IaaS, and PaaS platforms. You’ll learn from industry practitioners from a variety of platforms, who will share their expertise, and provide you with a vision of where Open Source in the Cloud is heading. Expect to walk away with a better understanding of the best Cloud practices and strategies to meet the needs of your organization.

Who will attend?

This closed-door forum is a must-attend for senior technologists including CIOs, CTOs, VPs of technology,  IT directors, CSOs , IT Managers, Project Managers, Software Developers, Application Managers, Security Managers, Application Security Engineer, System Engineers & System Analysts and Architects.

About the organizer

Asia Cloud Forum is a channel of NetworkWorld Asia (www.networksasia.net) – the region’s leading resource on all issues related to networking, cloud, data centers, security and storage. It provides IT influencers with the information and tools to demonstrate how technology can transform a business and forms the bridge between IT managers and C-level management.

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