Clouds have gone beyond fads or options; very few businesses today have yet to deploy some form of cloud computing technology or cloud computing models. Many have adopted Clouds for operational efficiency, increasing resource utilization and reducing cost efficiency. It also allows flexibility to adapt to new dynamic demands and fleeting market opportunities. But Clouds are more than about IT efficiency.

Clouds disrupt. They enable businesses to reinvent and rethink the way they adopt and deliver IT to users and customers. Essentially, Clouds can change the way tomorrow’s organizations are architected and function.

Clouds are engines of innovation. They allow employees, partners and customers to form ecospheres dedicated to creating and driving value. This can help businesses to shape the marketplace more effectively, while sharpening your competitive edge and customer/employee loyalty.

Main cloud tech trends:

  • The shift to new sourcing models – multi/flexi sourcing using cloud computing models
  • Impact of cloud at work today – cloud analytics, emerging SaaS applications, ongoing        IaaS/PasS maturity
  • Management of workloads in different cloud environments
  • Ongoing governance, security and risk strategies for cloud computing
  • Transformation of internal IT in the shift to a cloud computing era
  • How to manage a hybrid and open cloud environment
  • Maturity in the cost and business case for cloud computing
  • Regulatory developments across Asia Pacific