Modernize or fail – redefining banking and finance for new times

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4th Annual Finance Innovation Forum 2014 | 12 November 2014 | The Mira Hong Kong


The banking and finance industry is still feeling its way through post financial crisis era. The one thing that is constant is change. And more change is set to occur as competitive threats are accelerating, customer demands are evolving faster and in more ways than ever before.

But as existing market leaders strive to innovate and stay ahead of these competitive forces, regulators continue to strengthen regulatory and compliance requirements that can often derail efforts to innovate and grow.

All the while new players and new business models emerge at the blurred edges of regulatory control and continue to disrupt markets across the region.

Technology is at the heart of all banks, insurance and financial institutions and increasingly technology is viewed as the key component in enabling modernization and transformation programs.

Join this forum today and hear from banking and finance industry leaders as they share their views on how to become more agile and responsive, more innovative and become true customer-centric organizations.

Conference topics

  • The rise of the new banking and finance players – innovate to compete
  • The next-generation experience – dynamic, connected, real-time and multi-channel
  • The big data opportunity for banks and insurance
  • Impact of cloud on banking & finance infrastructure and business models
  • Regulatory, risk and compliance challenges in the transformation journey
  • Evolution and potential of NFC, mobile payments and emerging web payments
  • Finance applications rethink in the modern world of consumerization


Attendee profile

Business and technology leaders: CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs plus technology leaders, heads of IT, marketing and customer experience leaders, data and decision science heads

Retail banks, Insurance, Wealth Management, Wholesale Banking