Carrie Leung

Chief Executive Officer
The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB), Ms. Leung is
responsible for driving the ongoing development of competence levels and professional
standards amongst the local banking practitioners.

Ms. Leung has over 20 years’ experience in sales, service quality and training. She has held
key positions in the banking and hospitality industries in Hong Kong, Mainland China and
the US. Prior to joining HKIB, Ms. Leung was Head, Service Quality and Training at
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd where she acquired extensive experience in
building and managing “total quality excellence”. Under her leadership, the bank obtained
several highly-regarded industry awards for the quality in their training and customer

Ms. Leung was one of the recipients of the Most Extraordinary Women in Finance Award
2009 from Benchmark Magazine. She also actively participates in the development of Hong
Kong Banking Qualifications Framework (QF) which will set the highest standards for
industry competency amongst the local banking practitioners. She is the convener of
Publicity & Promotion Subcommittee and a member of Education & Training Subcommittee
under Banking QF.

In addition, Ms. Leung is extensively involved in the education and human capital
development of the banking and financial industry in Hong Kong and is the member of
numerous committees organised by different government departments and public
organisations. Of particular note is that she was appointed as the Council Member and the
Chairperson of the Personnel & Administration Committee of the Hong Kong Council for
Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ). She is also a
member of Finance Accreditation Agency Technical Committee, Finance Accreditation
Agency, Malaysia. In September 2014, she was appointed as a member of the Steering
Committee of the Qualifications Framework (QF) Fund.

Ms. Leung is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Division of Business and
Management (DBM) of the United International College (UIC), and a member of the
Advisory Peer Group for Finance Discipline of the Open University of Hong Kong.