Welcome Remarks
Carrie Leung, CEO, The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers

Industry Track


Opening Keynote: Banks vs Non-banks: The Myths, Facts and Misconceptions

The world of traditional finance is now split into two. Although not necessarily equal halves, traditional banking is now being challenged by new non-banks who sit outside of regulations and have better relationships with their customers.

This sessions examines the real truths behind the battle for the consumer wallet.

James McKeogh, Principal, Advisory, Management Consulting, KPMG


Keynote 2: Fintech Innovation From A Regulator’s Perspective

A strong regulatory framework has made Hong Kong a financial services hub. Find out how a strong regulatory framework is essential for encouraging and policing Fintech innovation.

Esmond Lee, Executive Director (Financial Infrastructure), Hong Kong Monetary Authority


Keynote 3: Cybersecurity for Today and Tomorrow’s Computing - Conversations with CISO’s

Cybersecurity is top of mind for both business and technology leaders within the financial services markets. Especially in Hong Kong, which remains a global financial center and a gateway to China. Joseph Green, Head of Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks, will discuss the cybersecurity issues and challenges impacting FSIs and share relevant and interesting conversions he has had with Chief Information Security Officers in the region.

 Joseph Green, Vice President, Systems Engineering, APAC, Palo Alto Networks


Coffee Break & Security Showcase


Keynote 4:Embarking On An IT Transformation Journey In Financial Services

With new technologies fast emerging in the financial services, how do IT leaders decide what, when, and how to adopt for their organizations? The session presents various examples of  IT transformation journeys in financial services, explore how IT decision makers go about phasing out untouchable legacy systems, adopting cloud and virtualization technologies and beyond. The session also share insights on how to get management buy-ins and what it takes to improve chances of success.

Suk-Wah Kwok, Regional Chief Information Officer – Asia Pacific, Lockton Companies (Hong Kong) Ltd


Keynote 5: Going Digital: How Banks Can Accelerate Transformation?

Customer expectations, surrounding digital services are together creating an imperative to change. Banks need to get ahead of these challenges and must not only execute on today’s imperatives, but also radically innovate and transform themselves for the future.

Sylvian Pinchon, Practice Head, Digital Solutions, Orange Business Services


Panel Discussion: Will Mobile Payments Change Financial Services Forever?

Mobile payments, especially in North Asia, is set to explode. It can shape the payments market and define new relationships between banks and telecommunication industries. At the same time, new entrants, like Alipay and Apple Pay, are disrupting the market with alternatives. We discuss key trends and find out how this market will evolve in this panel discussion.

Moderator: Sheila Lam, Editor in Chief, Computerworld Hong Kong

Ken Lee, Senior Manager, Business Transformation – Digital, AXA
Michael Leung, Chief Information and Operations Officer, China CITIC Bank International Limited
Christopher A Harvey, Managing Director and Global Industry Leader of Financial Services, Deloitte
Janos Barberis, Founder, FinTech HK
Angus Choi, CEO, Joint Electronic Teller Services Limited
Nicholas Lee, Head of Emerging Products and Innovation, Visa


Executive Luncheon (By Invitation Only)

Innovation Track


Keynote 6: How to Defraud The Fraudster

Fraud is one of the biggest evils of finance. While financial institutions fight fraud, fraudsters find new ways to defraud.
This session looks at new strategies and solutions to battle fraudsters and mitigate fraud-related risks.

Paul Haswell, Partner, Pinsent Mason


Keynote 7: FinTech In Asia: Hong Kong's Edge

Why is Hong Kong the right place for FinTech. We examine key reasons and advantages that Hong Kong possesses in order to firmly anchor its role as a leading regional and global FinTech hub. We will cover the developments of the eco-system, the rational for its spur. In a second time we will discuss the capacity and necessity for Banks to partner with FinTech start-ups before concluding on China’s latest FinTech trends.

Janos Barberis, Founder, FinTech HK


Live Interview: Real Business Applications of Blockchain

Bitcoin and crypto currencies may have started the discussion on the future of currencies and a new class of asset but it is the decentralized architecture by design of blockchain technology that presents a much wider set of opportunities and challenges across a broader spectrum of the financial services market including payments, trading, remittances to name a few. Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg.

Allan Tan, Content Director, Enterprise Innovation

Leonhard Weese, President, The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong
Larry Salibra, Founder/CEO, Pay4Bugs and Founding Member, The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong
George Harrap, Founder & CEO, Bitspark
Aurelien Menant, Co-founder & CEO, Gatecoin
Mukesh Bubna, Founder & CEO, Monexo Innovations Limited
Pindar Wong, Chairman, VeriFi ( Hong Kong) Ltd


Innovation Panel: Who’s who in Hong Kong’s Fintech

This one-hour panel will highlight key Fintech innovators from Hong Kong who are looking to change or disrupt the
financial services industry right at our doorsteps.

Moderator/Session Chair:
Dr. Toa Charm,Vice President (Innovation and Technology Application) and Founder and Co-Chairperson, FinTech SIG, Hong Kong Computer Society

Ralph Chan, Vice President, Strategic Planning & Transformation, Technology & Operations, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Zoe Zhang,Co-Founder & CEO,
Dr.Wing Cheung, CEO, Lattice Limited
Caroline Lacocque, SVP, Innovation and Client Centric Solutions Asia Pacific | Global Payments & Cash Management, HSBC
Keith Li, Co-Founder and CEO, Innopage Limited



Closing Remarks


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