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Hotel Leaders Panel: Short to Medium Term Success Strategies Amidst Turbulent Economy

  • Market outlook and expectations for the next three to five years
  • Innovations and best practices to gain market shares
  • Targeted segments and geographic for financial growth
  • Revenue generation best practices to increase in-house spend

Discussion Leader:
Giovanni Angelini, Chairman, Angelini Hospitality

Bernardo Cabot Estarellas, Regional Vice President Asia Pacific, Meliá Hotels International


Productivity Tech Showcase (1): Boosting Efficiency through Technology Innovations

Nikhil Nath, Founder and Chief Executive, Knowcross


Finance Panel: Managing Performance Expectations in Adjustment Periods

Amidst the prolong adjustment period resulted from the need of destination re-position for both Hong Kong and Macau, what could CFOs, General Managers, Finance Directors and Controllers do in managing performance expectations?

  • What are the best practices in financial projection that stresses accuracy?
  • What could you do to best manage the bottom line performance in negative growth situations?

Cesar Bacani, Editor-in-Chief, CFO Innovation Asia

Kenneth R. Rehmann, Chief Financial Officer, Asia Pacific, Marriott International
Tim Nauss, Chief Financial Officer, Studio City Macau
Martin Lew, Principal – Greater China, The CFO Centre, Hong Kong


Refreshment and Networking Break


Revenue Management Panel: Leveraging Pricing Best Practices for Maximum Yields

  • Determining the best pricing strategies that best fit individual hotel situations and requirements
  • Choosing the best pricing approach for optimal revenue
  • Automating pricing updates for increased internal efficiency

Allan Tan, Content Director, Enterprise Innovation

Jurgen Ortelee, Director of Enterprise Sales, IDeaS Revenue Solutions
Richard Boyer, Vice President Revenue Strategy Greater China, Marriott International
Lily Shen, Associate Director of Revenue Management, Greenland International Hotels Group


Channel Management Panel: The Search for the Prime Channel Distribution Mix

  • Within the multiple brands and platforms some large OTAs offer, what are the differentiations and targeted demographics?
  • What should hoteliers expect from new distribution platforms, OTA consolidations, and new directions and strategies of certain prominent players such as Google and TripAdvisor?
  • How should you determine the best mix of channels in order to price and allocate inventory for maximum yields?

Discussion Leader:
Richard Boyer, Vice President of Revenue Strategy, Greater China, Marriott International Inc

Kamesh Shukla, Sr. Vice President – Sales (APAC & Africa), RateGain
Lily Shen, Associate Director of Revenue Management, Greenland International Hotels Group
Wilfred Fan, Managing Director – North Asia,


Networking Lunch


Productivity Tech Showcase (2): Enhancing Revenue through Technology Innovations

Roman Kesseli, Chief Commercial Officer, Qooco


F&B Panel: Investigating the Successful Future F&B Concepts, Marketing Efforts and Alternatives

The F&B scene in Hong Kong has long been diversified and highly competitive. With the influx of restaurants featuring celebrity chefs, hotel restaurants are feeling the pressure. Some proposed that hotel F&B needs a total revamp, from staff attitude to business models, concepts to marketing efforts. Other see hotel restaurants as doomed businesses to be outsourced to independent operators, or replaced by other profit centers. This panel of experts will discuss what works and what doesn’t, form service and financial points of views.

Stephen Wright, Managing Director, Global Food Consulting

Heinz Egli, Managing Director, Zuppa F&B Concept Designs & Solutions
David Laris, Chief Creative Officer, Cachet Hotel Group
Jonathan Glover, Managing Director, Butchers Club International


Refreshment and Networking Break


Hot Debate: Traditional Hotel Business Model will Survive the Travelers of New Age

Some say that there will always be demand and expectation for elaborated, high-touch luxury services, with multiple amenities housed under one roof. Others propose that a leaner structure and more efficient operation is the way forward. Some propose that hotels should command higher pricing for the ancillary services, such as F&B and spa, due to the perceived “class” or glamour. Others suggest that having competitive pricing comparable to those of independent operators does provide better profitability overall. Some reckon that developing a 200 room luxury hotel and developing a 600 room mid-scale one could be equally feasible in certain locations, but is that really the case in the long run? What do modern day travellers really want and do hotels need to revamp their business models to ensure competitiveness?

Discussion Leader:
Dirk Dalichau, Chief Opportunity Optimizer, DNA Square

Symon Bridle, Chief Operating Officer, Rosewood Hotel Group
Kevin Wallace, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Dream Hotel Group
Bernardo Cabot Estarellas, Regional Vice President Asia Pacific, Meliá Hotels International


Roundtable Discussions – Brainstorming with Your Peers in a Roundtable Setting

15 minute roundtable discussion on a specific topic, followed by concise recaps to provide takeaways.


Closing Remarks