Join us April 12, 2016 in Singapore for the Info Security Conference Series.
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The cyber revolution of recent years has altered the world we live in. The emergence of new technologies, continuous onslaught of cyber attacks and growing use of connected cloud and virtual platforms have led a huge transformation in the IT security landscape. For many companies, it is no longer just about implementing adequate controls, but protecting critical business processes from the next intrusion or data breach. To survive this complex and dangerous new world, companies must look at their current strategies and vulnerabilities to determine and prioritize the risks within their organization.


The NetworkWorld Asia’s 5th Annual Info Security Conference will discuss best practices and steps organizations can take to create a platform for their executives to understand the security challenges that plague the industry and to find ways to build a resilient infrastructure; to secure their corporate data and information assets, while at the same time leverage information security as a means to protecting and improving their revenue generating capabilities.



Business and IT professionals in enterprise-wide security, risk management, BCM or critical infrastructure:

  • CIOs, CISOs and CFOs, and chief security, risk, compliance, process and technology officer
  • IT vice presidents and directors
  • Network security executives and directors
  • Governance, risk, compliance, and privacy executives
  • BCM and resilience continuity managers
  • Finance, audit, legal risk and compliance regulators
  • Enterprise and operational risk managers



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