Telco Strategies 2014: Survival guide for the digital revolution

At Telecom Asia’s 5th Annual Telco Strategies conference, leading thinkers from Asia’s operators will gather for two days of knowledge exchange and networking with peers. Join Asia’s premier gathering of telecom executives to explore the keys to survival and develop a game plan to institute change in your organization.

Themed “Survival Guide for the Digital Revolution,” this year’s event will highlight presentations and case studies on three key areas:

  • Time for a radical mindset shift: Telcos have to change the ways they operator. It’s going to be painful in the short-term (two years), but if they don’t bite the bullet, they will die
  • Picking the right battles: What services will be big and how to be prepared to leverage the new opportunities?
  • Organized for innovation: Do telcos need to restructure their organizations to move away from a culture focused too much on margins?

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