About the conference

The annual CFO Innovation Forum series will travel to multiple locations across Asia throughout 2014.

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Watch footage from the 2013 CFO Innovation Asia Forum in Singapore. The formation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) on 1 January 2015 is a watershed for its ten member economies and their combined market of 617 million people, 60% of them aged 35 or younger. The AEC will eliminate tariff and other trade barriers among ASEAN economies, enhance the competitiveness ASEAN businesses and build up the ranks of the middle class, which are forecast to number 85 million households by end-2017. Paired with what is looking like a sustainable recovery in the US and parts of Europe, and a moderately positive outlook for Japan, the advent of the AEC should boost the economic and business prospects of Southeast Asia and other Asia Pacific markets, despite the impact from the cooling Chinese economy. Why the conference? CFO Innovation Asia’s flagship conference will focus on how the AEC will affect businesses in the region and the opportunities and challenges arising from the global economy’s incipient recovery. Speaker presentations and panel discussions will address issues including:

  • Maximizing working capital with regional cash optimization strategies and ensuring availability of cash flow for operations and investments within and outside ASEAN
  • Transforming strategy-setting, financial planning and analysis and risk management to keep up with any eventuality
  • Harnessing technologies and platforms like automation, business intelligence, Software-as-a-Service and cloud-based planning and forecasting
  • Striking the right balance among differing stakeholder expectations for innovative ideas to drive growth. Achieving better insight and delivering better data for decision-making
  • Improving access to capital, market direction, innovation in finance and cash management
  • Preparing finance for future roles and helping the CFO with career and professional development, including becoming the next CEO

This closed-door forum will bring together CFOs, financial controllers, treasurers and other finance executives to discuss and share ideas, experiences and insights with peers from large enterprises and multinationals, as well as business specialists and other experts. We bring you an impressive panel of international, regional and local speakers who will discuss and shared insights to help today’s CFOs risk-proof their business and gain a better understanding of industry issues and the future market landscape. Who will attend? Conference attendees include CFOs, financial controllers, treasurers, finance executives and other executives from large companies, multinationals and the public sector.

 CFO Innovation Forum is a “must go” forum for CFOs. Felix Wang, General Manager (Accounts & Finance & Admin), Itochu Plastics (Singapore 2013)


Great networking event to update oneself on best practices in a cross section of industries. Hariharan Ranganathan, VP – Finance, Pan Pacific Hotels Group (Singapore 2013)


” This forum has been very informative both professionally and personally. I am looking forward to attending the next forum in 2014. Shushan Keflay, Group Finance Manager, Capital Drilling Limited (Singapore 2013)


” Well organized, relevant and informative. One of the best conferences I’ve attended this year! Gavin McIntyre, Director, Operations, Finance and Admin, Censere Singapore (Singapore 2013)