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The CFO Innovation Shanghai Forum focuses on the opportunities and risks that CFOs are likely to face given the volatility of the current China market.

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Watch footage from the 2013 CFO Innovation Asia Forum in Singapore.

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China’s new leadership has surprised businesses with a robust economic reform program that is strongly backed by President Xi Jinping, who appears to have a grip on the political levers almost as firmly as Deng Xiaoping had in his day.

Among other things, the reforms aim to give more breathing room to the private sector and to market forces in the economy, liberalize the financial system, open up some sectors to foreign and domestic investments, and integrate migrant workers in the cities where they work.

But while opportunities for domestic and foreign businesses are opening up, so also are the risks getting heightened. GDP growth in 2013 likely slowed the most since 1999. Exports could suffer if the nascent recovery in the US and Europe turns out to be short-lived. The ballooning debt of China’s local and regional governments and the shadow banking system can destabilize the financial system.

The 3rd CFO Innovation Shanghai Forum will focus on the challenges and opportunities for financial management arising from these trends, as well as the potential action steps that can be taken, including adoption of technology via delivery platforms such as the cloud.

  • What regulations and rules may the government and regulators release as the economic, political and social reforms are implemented?
  • What transformations and refinements in strategy-setting, financial planning and analysis, and risk management may be required to leverage on the reforms?
  • How may the availability and cost of credit be affected by the reforms, and what should be done to protect and optimize company finances?
  • What is the impact on initial public offerings, M&A and bond programs?
  • Can technologies such as automation, analytics, modeling and dashboards help or hinder?
  • What new skill sets will be required of the CFO and the finance function?

This closed-door forum will provide CFOs the opportunity to spend one day immersed in a productive environment with peers from large Chinese enterprises and multinationals, as well as regulators and business specialists.

Who will attend?

This closed-door forum will provide CFOs, financial controllers, treasurers and other finance executives the opportunity to spend one day immersed in a productive environment with peers from large enterprises and multinationals, as well as business specialists and other experts.


“ Great networking event to update oneself on best practices in a cross section of industries.
Hariharan Ranganathan, VP – Finance, Pan Pacific Hotels Group (CFO Innovation Singapore Forum – 2013)


“ Majority of the speakers and panelists are very experienced CFOs. The sharing of ideas and opinions has been useful in driving new possibilities for Finance.
Loke Pak May, Financial Controller – Corporate & Support Services, AmBank Group (CFO Innovation Malaysia Forum – 2013)