Big Data and Analytics are no longer new trends.  But there is a continuous need for enterprises to increase their efficiency and agility in handling the geometrical increase in data generation from varied sources and in shaping their IT architecture to handle the demanding analytics.

ComputerWorld Hong Kong’s 7th Big Data and Business Analytics Forum helps delegates to sharpen their perspectives on understanding these data sources, developing agile IT data architecture and governance policies and integrate with growing start-up ecosystems.

What's New in 2017

  • Updated Trends on Data Governance, Predictive Analytics, Data Preparation Strategies, Marketing Science and AI
  • 5 Best Practice Case studies from Lifestyle & Property, Insurance, Finance, Hospitality & Government sectors
  • Big Data Start-up Panel Discussion on Disrupting the Big Data

Attend the 7th Big Data and Business Analytics to:

  • review how organisations capitalise on big data and translate into useful insights & productivity across multiple sectors
  • learn how start-ups tap on big data and analytics technologies 
  • gain insights on designing sustainable and comprehensive data management and governance strategies
  • evaluate the latest technologies from Artificial Intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning

Networking at the 7thBig Data & Business Analytics

Big Data & Business Analytics 2017 offers delegates opportunities to learn from key experts, analysts, practitioners, data scientists and creative thinkers in big data. They can network and build partnerships with peers and experts, while learning new data-driven ideas, best practices and strategies that are shaping industries.

  • Exclusive opportunities to meet qualified senior level executives
  • Executive Exchange where top leaders share thoughts on topics
  • Executive luncheon networking
  • Showcase leading solutions and services by industry leaders

Who You Will Meet?

To ensure the conference offers the highest degree of relevancy, only C-Level, Senior Executives and IT professionals from corporate, public and government agencies will be invited to attend. This exclusive format allows delegates to connect with those peers whose insights they respect the most – through exceptional networking, business meetings and strategic information-sharing sessions.

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08:30 - 09:00
Registration and Welcome Coffee
09:00 - 09:05
Conference Chair’s Opening Remarks
09:05 - 09:10
Ice Breaking Session

When the conference chairperson announces the start of the ice-breaking session, it gives an opportunity to you to quickly exchange business cards and to know your table-mates for the conference day. Please keep it brief and stick to time and continue your networking during the breaks.

09:10 - 09:40
Panel Discussion: Designing a Sustainable Data Governance Management Framework: Compliance is the Key

As data ecosystem multiplies in size through booming connected devices, it becomes increasingly difficult for organisations to retain control of their data assets. To reduce the impending chaos, a comprehensive and sustainable data governance framework needs to be implemented to safeguard the integrity, security and quality of data.

  • Highlighting the significance of unified data governance policies  
  • Safeguarding ethics, security, integrity and accuracy in a data governance framework
  • Managing the overlapping data flow systems from external and internal sources
  • Future trends: How will AI influence your organisation’s data governance management framework?
Sheila Lam
Computerworld Hong Kong,
Ritesh Sarda
Chief Information Officer,
Sun Life Financial,
Damian Lum
Enterprise Architect - Strategy & Governance,
Hong Kong Jockey Club,
Ramkumar Venkatachalam
Global Head of Data Strategy & Governance,
QBE Insurance,
Stephen Langley
Deputy Chief Information Officer,
Securities & Futures Commission,
09:40 - 10:00
From Being Reactive to Predictive : How Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is used on Fast Big Data

In a world increasingly connected with the advent of Internet and IoT, fast streaming big data is constantly been generated. Organisations need to learn how to mine this data effectively and quickly if they want to become predictive and not just react. Streaming analytics that go beyond simple aggregation is hence essential for organisations. Learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help organisations achieve goals of generating actionable insights and business revenues.

  • What does it take  to create an operational analytic system with fast data pipeline?
  • How does artificial intelligence and machine learning help organisations become predictive?
  • What are some of the best practices and case studies?
  • What are the challenges and trends ahead for organisations?
Dr. Shiming (Simon) Zhang
Principal Data Scientist,
Big Data Lab, Baidu Research (China and Silicon Valley),
10:00 - 10:30
The Next Big Thing: Journey to Cognitive Computing

Cognitive advances big data analysis to the level of cognition, which is “the mental act or process by which knowledge is acquired.” In this session, IBM expert will share his experience on transforming to cognitive business. The session also covers how to create a cognitive system that is self sufficient, interacts with humans naturally to interpret data, learns from virtually every interaction, proposes new possibilities through machine and deep learning with auditable governance.

Daniel Ling
Cloud & Analytics SaaS Leader, IBM Greater China Group,
From Being Reactive to Predictive: Capitalizing on New Data Analytical Techniques

Big Data, IoT, Predictive, Machine Learning, AI, Cognitive are words that have created a lot of buzz in the market. In the new digital transformation age, how will corporations extract the true value and insight from their data? There will not be enough data scientists in the market. How will organizations stay ahead in the competition from traditional data analysis to become more proactive & predictive? In this session, you will learn how business end-users can manage data mining easily. This is not a dream but a reality. SAP will demonstrate how take out the insight from the data easily and share with you all some case studies.

Greg Wong
Director Analytics,
Networking Break
Harvest Big Data business and operational benefits through “Flux Vision

Find out how Orange offers hundreds of customers deep insights into population mobility and behavior. Banks, retailers, tourist offices, event organizers and public transportation operators have an unprecedented access to fully anonymous data that helps them understand territory dynamics.

Haytham Sawalhy
Head of Orange Applications for Business for Asia Pacific,
Orange Business Services,
Case Study 1: Exploring the Impact of Big Data and Analytics in Open Data Initiatives

Open data initiatives around the world are not new. How has the Data Studio platform been used to integrate organizations in a thriving data ecosystem in Hong Kong? What is the data platform that Hong Kong Science Park has deployed to drive innovation?

·         Overview of data initiatives within Hong Kong Science Park

·         Reviewing of how big data and analytics have helped increased productivity and efficiencies

·         Data Visualization initiatives

Peter Yeung
Head of ICT, Smart City & Green Tech,
Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation,
12:10 - 12:40
How to Efficiently Migrate from Legacy Data Infrastructure?

Many organisations have stand-alone legacy systems that pose tremendous challenges when one tries to extract meaningful data and combine with the rest of data. Data silos often mean organisations are not equipping adequately by seeing the full picture while making crucial decisions. How can organisations effectively manage pockets of data in silos and integrate them in a centralised system while adhering to regulatory requirements? What are the tools available for organisations to do so without causing any disruption to their day-to-day operations?

Jonathan Wu
CTO, Data Center Group,
Lenovo Asia Pacific,
Networking Lunch
Case Study 2: Influencing New Solution Development in Insurance Industry: Aiding Digital

Influencing New Solution Development in Insurance Industry: Aiding Digital Transformation 

To compete more effectively and to get ahead of the game, insurers are increasingly adopting online and mobile channels. These omnichannels provide access ​to ​​a gold mine of ​enterprise ​data blended with unstructured data​.​ As more processes get automated with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, insurers are tapping into these insights and are creating value. Gain a strategic and tactical view on how such innovations are taking place.


  • G​ain a strategic and tactical view on big data innovations in insurance delivery and consumption
  • Usage Based Insurance and analytics: the new watchword in insurance
  • Case studies in analytics-led new solution development
  • B​est practices in developing​ robust data intelligence and analytics
Ritesh Sarda
Chief Information Officer,
Sun Life Financial,
Anoop Nambiar
Chief Data Officer,
HSBC Insurance,
Case Study 3: Utilising Big Data to Enhance Customer Experience

With business interests ranging from lifestyle, F & B to property, Lan Kwai Fong Group has access to different sources of data in different formats.  Case study presents how a simple and practical approach to big data and analytics has helped Lan Kwai Fong Group gain valuable insights that are instrumental in better decision making processes and to help enhancing customer's experience.


  • Reviewing the different sources of big data available across one group’s diversified business sectors 
  • How one can embark on a big data journey with cost effective yet practical tools
  • Learning how big data has helped operations and management make better decisions
  • How insights from big data are translated to deliver an enhanced customer's experience  
Keith Tsui
Data & Analytics Director,
Lan Kwai Fong Group,
Case Study 4: Improved Data Analytics for Effective Financial Crime Compliance

Financial institutions employ powerful data analytical tools for averting costly financial crimes as well as compliance costs. What are the data analytical tools that various stakeholders use for their Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) initiatives and how utilities facilitate FCC processes?


  • Mitigating risks by effective fraud prevention: the role of big data and improved analytics
  • Hurdles and how to overcome them in order to build group-wide solutions
  • Leveraging community data and utilities to foster
  • Upcoming trends in financial data analysis
Geertjan van Bochove
Head of Analytics, Asia Pacific,
Case Study 5: Power up the Hospitality Game with Big Data Analytics Innovations

The hospitality business is no stranger to digital platforms having been one of the early adopters of digital platforms for room bookings. There is a wealth of big data assets available which need to be analysed intelligently in order to create value.  How can hotels and resorts use such smart analytics to predictively forecast demand and increase revenue? What are the innovations available and challenges in managing such big data? How does this help hotels & resorts to help further engage with customers and improve the customer experience? 

  • Big data innovations in the hospitality industry
  • Using smart analytics to create new revenue models and to improve customer experience
  • Overcoming challenges in managing big data
  • Case studies  from the hospitality industry
Widhadh Waheed
Director of eBusiness,
Shangri-La International Hotel Management,
Networking Break
Personalized Marketing in the Mobile World

Facebook's success in predicting its users' behaviour stem from its use of advance techniques. How can organisations replicate such success in predicting its customer's behaviour? What are the lessons learnt? What does the future hold 5 years down the road? 

  • Getting behind the science of marketing : Advances and techniques
  • How organisations can replicate success?
  • Best practices and Lessons learnt 
  • Innovations in the next 5 years 
Bryan Wang
Head of Marketing Science - Greater China Region,
Start-up Panel Discussion: Big Data Start-ups: Disrupting Businesses with Innovation

Start-ups are revolutionising industries with their brand of disruptive innovation. How is the big data start-up universe progressing? What new APIs are being developed? Who are the stakeholders in nurturing this universe? Do they face challenges in harnessing big data to analyse and develop the solutions? Are situations different within different industry verticals?


  • Overview of innovative start-ups that have successfully harnessed big data and analytics
  • A look at the challenges faced by big data start-ups in acquiring data sets      
  • Reviewing the collaborative and sharing opportunities for start-ups and enterprises
  • How big data companies are leveraging on Hong Kong’s resources
Dr Toa Charm
Chief Public Mission Officer,
Cyberport Hong Kong,
Jessie Lam
Head of Finance,
Ken Yeung
Co-Founder & CEO,
Clare AI,
Tommaso Tamburnotti
Dr. Noah Silverman
Helios AI,
Gerardo Salandra
Could Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning be the Next Holy Grail for Businesses?

More business processes have been automated with the advent of techniques such as voice recognition, image recognition etc. These developments generate different forms of data that form huge wealth of data for organisations. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are trends that will help organisations increase their ROI when using data.  These new developments generate data that can be easily analysed with AI and machine learning. What are some of the next cutting edge technologies and how will these impact the big data and analytical industry?  


  • How are business processes been automated with innovations eg. voice recognition, image recognition, etc
  • How does AI and machine learning help increase ROI of using data
  • AI and Machine learning developments & technologies
  • How will these impact the big data and analytic industry?
Dr. Noah Silverman
Helios AI,
Ending Remarks & End of Conference

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