7th Total Security Conference Singapore

With the cloud and mobility firmly in place as part of our enterprise infrastructure, the digital economy promises both great opportunities and threats.


The cyber-attack ‎surface has broadened beyond what we imagined, and its growth will continue to accelerate with increasing interconnectivity, Internet of things (IoT), advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.


Apps are at the center of this digital economy, with data becoming its ‎new currency. The demands on infrastructure resources are ever-growing, while it gets more difficult and more resource-consuming to monitor, detect, prevent or mitigate the lurking threats to the vast fast-moving traffic traversing our networks and the Internet via our corporate infrastructure, user devices, office and home equipment, billions of apps and communication tools in our interconnected world.

Anything and anyone can be the weakest link, as long as it's connected. 


Anything and anyone can be a vulnerability, with profit-motivated cybercriminals phishing and pharming every possibility, using new tools and techniques to prey on the unsuspecting.

C-level executives have awakened to these facts, with high-profile security breaches of well-known enterprises publicized through global media. Boardroom leaders are highly concerned by these developments, especially since they may have to take responsibility for failure to defend against such business threats.

We need a 360-degree perspective to protect ourselves. We need security strategies that provide total all-round ‎protection of all aspects of our organizations. ‎We need to share, cooperate, collaborate and unite against cybercrime, ransomware, ephemeral infections, bespoke hacking tools, identity theft and data leakage – among other cyber threats.

‎And here's where we can start. Over the years, NetworkWorld Asia's Total Security Conference gathers security experts, practitioners, C-level executives and leading researchers to discuss and formulate strategies, as well as share best practices and techniques to deal with the security issues that keep us so busy in the day – and awake at night. 


Why Attend

  • Gathering of cyber security users and practitioners from the local market and the region
  • Get a mix of policy, strategic and technical expertise in one strategic venue
  • Opportunity to network with decision-makers who can share best practises and solutions to protect your organization from cyber attacks
  • Analyze the latest security challenges and issues globally, regionally and locally
  • Interact with globally renowned security professionals and experts who share their experience and expertise in areas ranging from Risk analysis and Management, Cyber Security, Malware, Data Loss Protection, Mobile Security, Threat Intelligence, Digital Forensics and Data Recovery
  • Understand the future of Information Security and the next-generation of offensive and defensive security technologie


Who Should Attend

Business and IT professionals in enterprise-wide security, risk management, BCM or critical infrastructure:

  • CIOs, CISOs and CFOs, and chief security, risk, compliance, process and technology officer
  • IT vice presidents and directors
  • Network security executives and directors
  • Governance, risk, compliance, and privacy executives
  • BCM and resilience continuity managers
  • Finance, audit, legal risk and compliance regulators
  • Enterprise and operational risk managers
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Welcome/Opening Remarks


Keynote 1: Industry Update: The Digital Economy – and it’s new cyber threat landscape


Keynote 2: High-Speed Networks – a Boom or Bust for Connected Businesses?


Security Imperatives vs. Investment Priorities


Morning coffee/tea break


Speaker presentation


Addressing Operational Risks in a Digital Transforming Business World


Panel Discussion: Best Practices in Securing Connected Businesses




Minimizing Risks in the Cloud


Speaker presentation


Legal Rights and Regulations in Securing Connected Businesses


Afternoon Coffee / Tea Break


Current and Emerging Mobile Threats in a Connected World


Panel Discussion: Keeping Security Threats at Bay; and Reputation and Customers Intact


Coming soon.

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  • IT Security & Risk Management
  • Core Banking & IT Transformation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Cloud, Data Centre & Mobility
  • Consultancy, BPO, Communication Systems, Recruitment Services

If you are looking to increase your market share, brand awareness or introduce a new product, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

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