Managing Finance in the New World Order

13 APRIL 2017
JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai at Tomorrow Square, Shanghai

6th CFO Innovation Shanghai Forum

The year 2017 will be the Year of Donald Trump, who will likely lead the US to an era of increased protectionism and uncertainty in global trade – even as falling US unemployment rates and steady GDP growth push US interest rates higher.  

There’s an emerging new world order out there that CFOs in China and Asia need to learn how to navigate. The stability of another major economy, the European Union, is under question as the UK prepares to withdraw from the union and voters in Italy soundly defeated a referendum on reform.

It all comes at a time when China, the world’s second-largest economy after the US, is in the midst of a delicate economic calibration. The drive to fire up consumption as an engine of growth is progressing and technological innovation continues to accelerate, revolutionizing the manufacturing and service sectors.

China’s GDP growth has slowed, but is within the target. Still, the external environment, including Trump’s anti-China remarks, is causing uncertainty about exports, the renminbi and economic growth. Internally, reform and deregulation initiatives and anticipated policy changes create worries about lending and a financial crisis sparked by unregulated and still growing shadow banking.

The 6th CFO Innovation Shanghai Forum aims to provide CFOs with strategic guidance on what to expect in 2017 and how to best plan and execute on priorities and strategies.

This closed-door forum will provide CFOs, financial controllers, treasurers and other finance executives the opportunity to spend one day immersed in a productive environment with peers from large enterprises and multinationals, as well as business specialists and other experts.

An impressive panel of A-list CFOs coming from both multinational companies and top national companies in China will share insights on helping CFOs to risk-proof their business, and gain a better understanding of today’s economic environment, industry issues and future market outlook.

Subject matter experts and presentations, interviews and panel discussions will showcase the collective wisdom of the CFO community and provide fresh insights on the following:

  • Challenges and opportunities arising from global changes post-elections in the US, Britain’s exit from the European Union and China’s economic readjustment
  • Strategies to cope with heightened business risks from shadow banking, rising interest rates, the weakening RMB and capital flight
  • Impact of technological innovation on business models and product/service offerings
  • Supply chain and logistics challenges in e-commerce initiatives
  • Finance skillsets for growing domestic brands and for remaining competitive in a transitioning economy   

Who will attend?

  • Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Accountant
  • Finance Director
  • VP Finance
  • Finance Controller
  • GM/ Head of Finance
  • Head/ Director of Treasury
  • Chief Accountant
  • Director of Internal Audit
  • Risk Manager
  • Account/ Finance Manager
  • Other senior level finance executives
It is a good event to share experience, to learn from other CFO and obtain new ideas
Financial Controller - China & Hong Kong - BOLLORE LOGISTICS
The Forum provided a good networking platform for financial professionals. We also had the opportunity to share valuable insights from many of the most prominent finance leaders in the region. Looking forward to the one in 2017.
The Q&A session was interactive and great.
Finance Director - 上海盛辉


(Discussion in English with simultaneous translation provided)
(Discussion in Chinese with simultaneous translation provided)
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Opening Keynote: Financial Strategies in a Dynamic World

Chinese economy faces great uncertainty in 2017 as the global economy is facing an increasingly inward-looking policy such as trade protectionism. What can CFOs of domestic enterprises and MNCs in China expect this and next year? What strategies should be put in place to ensure continued growth and innovation?

speaker photo
Waikei Raphael Lam
Resident Representative for China
Executive Dialogue: Finding Opportunities in the New World Order

Despite the global geo-political shifts and domestic policy uncertainties, China’s economy is steadily growing at an anticipated speed under the new norm. Moreover an inward-looking US, and domestic new power engines like technological innovation, the flourishing of e-commerce, present enormous amount of opportunities for companies to thrive. This session gathers a panel of CFOs from diverse backgrounds to discuss.

  • What are the potential regional trade partnerships that could benefit Chinese companies in trade?
  • Would the anticipated policy change bring new funding opportunities domestically?
  • How can manufacturing/traditional sector outperform during China’s economic transformation?

Networking Morning Coffee
Executive Discussion I: Risk Management in China 2017

  • Given the current economic slow-down, will the New Year see the central bank easing monetary policy, or providing alternative funding opportunities?
  • How to mitigate the potential risk of RMB depreciation?
  • Internet of Things embedded in product and service, are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. How are CFOs keeping a constant alert on this?
  • Shadow banking imposing greater risk for a financial crisis. How should CFOs set up mitigation strategies to steer the business?

Expert Insight: The Impact of Digital Currency and Blockchain on China's CFOs
Networking Lunch
CFO of the Year: Winner Interview

Honored as 2016 CFO of the Year by CFO Innovation, Mr. Wei engineered M&A deals that expanded the company’s footprint in intelligent transportation, smart homes, biometrics, virtual reality and other new areas, at the same time transforming the finance function to enhance efficiency and manage cost – and help net profit increase 21% on the back of a 37% surge in revenue. What advice does he have for other CFOs in 2017?

Executive Discussion II: Big Talk on Big Data: CFO as the Key Driver for a Successful Big Data Strategy

Given the cross-cutting nature of many data related activities, it takes the entire management board to roll out a successful big data strategy for the company. This session will highlight the key areas that CFOs could drive decisions in turning big data into crucial risk-hedging, and business growth opportunities.

  • Setting examples by building and aligning big data priorities in finance function to that of pressing business needs
  • Capturing cross-functional data related opportunities to improve revenue and boost productivity
  • Participating in redesigning and diversifying business offerings through providing real-time insights from inventory management to pricing

Executive Discussion III: Updating your E-commerce Strategies – Supply Chain Innovation to Build a Customer-Centric Business

Following 2016 discussion, it is widely accepted by CFOs that e-commerce is crucial in staying competitive and enhance customer experiences in an increasingly competitive environment and the rising labor cost. Entering 2017, greater opportunities in e-commerce can be unleashed through upstream and downstream supply chain finance innovation. This session explores possibilities especially those brought up by new technology, for CFOs of diverse sectors to gain a competitive edge through e-commerce.

Networking Afternoon Coffee
Executive Discussion IV: Building the future Finance and Tax functions - How digitization of Finance and Tax can help to manage risks and create opportunities

The convergence of innovation, transformation and digital are current disruptive forces at play. In order to seize the upside of disruption, organizations need to adapt to an increasingly digital world and future-proof themselves. How can CFOs, as business leaders, respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by these disruptions and embrace them in their industries? What are the key strategies to successfully designing and executing transformative innovations from the finance and tax perspective?

  • What are some of the current disrupters and technology innovations CFOs experience  today?
  • What are the challenges CFOs face when implementing technological innovations?
  • How can we deal with the rapid digitization of tax administration and impact on taxpayers?
  • How are CFOs getting ready for the digitization of tax?

Executive Discussion V: The CFOs in China Today

CFOs remain the key business leader and contender for the role of CEO, given finance’s centralized position in business. Like all business leaders, CFOs are exposed to China’s unique sets of challenges and need to adapt quickly to build themselves as corporate leaders. The forum ends with a retrospective discussion on the role of CFO itself in China, and encourages finance leaders in this challenging market to seize the opportunities within and without, to thrive in their career as CFO.

  • Seizing opportunities to build the breadth and depth across all business functions
  • Fast-track upgrade on skillsets to rise to the challenge of economic structural changes, and technological disruption
  • Effective stakeholder management to establish leadership within and outside the corporate
  • Gen Z in workforce – how to engage and nurture and keep top talents?
  • How to create an employer brand to attract local market talents

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Opening Keynote: Financial Strategies in a Dynamic World


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Expert Insight: The Impact of Digital Currency and Blockchain on China's CFOs