Building Resilience through Cost Optimization and Re-evaluating the Strategies

12 March 2020
Jakarta, Indonesia

7th CFO Innovation Indonesia Forum

[COVID-19 UPDATE: The event is progressing as planned for now. We are coordinating with various stakeholders such as conference venues/airlines and are closely monitoring the travel/health advisories/restrictions from various ministries. Should there be any changes, we will immediately update you. If you/your close relatives/friends/colleagues have travelled to mainland China in the last 2 months, please update our Operations Manager, Lily, via llee@questex.com]

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“Indonesia has set aside 10 trillion rupiah as a buffer for fiscal risks in 2020, a 43% increase from the year before, due to global economic uncertainty” 

-Reuters, September 2019

The Indonesian Parliament recently passed the government's 2020 budget of 2,528.8 trillion rupiah with a fiscal deficit 1.8% of GDP, which was designed to anticipate a global recession. 

The outlook echoes the World Bank’s "Global Economic Risks and Implications for Indonesia" study that projected the Indonesia’s GDP growth to fall from 5.2% in 2018 to 4.6% in 2022, driven by lower productivity, dampened workforce growth and weaker global commodity prices. 

With downside risks increasing, this is the time for the CFOs to fortify their enterprises’ financial credibility by ensuring a strong balance sheet, well-positioned to weather turbulences and ride through unpredictable economic scenarios. 

Join the discussion at the 7th CFO Innovation Indonesia Forum, where top-tier finance industry stakeholders convene and share best practices and strategies on:

  • Developing contingency plans and strategic agility to mitigate the impact of a severe downturn
  • Adopting dynamic FP & A to optimize capital expenditures, working capital and cashflows
  • Capitalizing on M & A and Indonesia’s strong digital economy to create new growth opportunities
  • Re-evaluating and updating your portfolio, GRC and tax risk strategies
  • Taking a countercyclical approach to R & D expenditures, tech investment, processes streamlining and recruitment to win in the next upswing

Who Should Attend?

CFOs, MDs, VPs, Directors, GMs, and Senior Managers, involved in:

  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP & A)
  • Strategic Planning & Forecasting
  • Costing & Budgeting
  • Treasury Operations
  • Project Financing
  • Accounting
  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A)    
  • Investment / Portfolio Management
  • Auditing & Internal Control
  • Tax Governance
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
  • Statutory & Regulatory Reporting
  • Fiscal Policy Planning
  • Financial Technology Solutions
The platform is very useful for networking, sharing business ideas, meeting leaders and exchanging experiences useful for business growth.
Director of Finance - PT ISPAT INDO
I found the CFO Innovation Indonesia Forum a good opportunity to discuss with fellow professionals on seeking solutions to everyday challenges, strategic insight and on business continuity including retention of key talent.
I like attending the CFO Innovation Forum every year mainly because the topic on "Economic Update/Forecast - Global and Indonesia" is very helpful in the financial planning aspect of my job.
Group Financial Advisor - SINAR GALAXY GROUP
An excellent event to get an overview on economic trends and current CFO’s topics.
The forum provided good learning and networking opportunity with other finance leaders from different industries.
Director for Finance and Accounting - INDOPRIMA


Registration and Welcome Coffee
[PANEL DISCUSSION] Indonesia’s Economic Outlook, Prospects and Key Challenges in 2020 - 21

•    Indonesia vs. ASEAN 2020-30: the impact of current policies, investment climate and geopolitical implications
•    How does the Indonesia 2020 budget and relocation of the capital impact businesses and industry sectors?
•    Warning signs of a global slowdown: how can Indonesia meet the challenges ahead?
•    Exploring trends in M&A, capital raising and startup investment

[PANEL DISCUSSION] Transforming Performance Management (PM): How Can CFOs Integrate New Approaches for Financial Gain and Business Value

•    Customizing PM to the enterprise’s market position, business drivers and strategy
•    Defining your performance metrics, accountability and decision support framework
•    Reskilling workforce and building a high-performing culture 
•    Assessing the costs of retooling PM system 
•    How technology investment and high-quality data analytics improve strategic decision-making

Take a Leap into the Digital Workforce and the Future of Work

“Within the next two years, 72 percent of organizations will be working with RPA, Gartner predicts”.  

The Global economy doesn’t paint a very nice picture, increasing instability from global tensions, conflicts, and trade wars yet, businesses continue to need to grow or keep their market share and revenue  and reinventing and revisiting the way we work has become a norm in such times. As businesses face the realities of working in an economic downturn, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the Intelligent Workforce can be front and center of an enterprise’s business digital transformation and if done right it will embed the foundations on which a business can prosper. The Future of work through effective implementation of RPA and IA, goes way beyond cost reduction benefits. It results in greater efficiency, fewer errors, and higher workforce productivity – this means building confidence in people to be critical and creative. 

Follow us on this journey to find out how a Digital Workforce will and can work hand in glove with humans, making life easier for us, whilst ensuring productivity, growth and efficiencies in such times. 

speaker photo
Muliandy Nasution
Country Director
Automation Anywhere
Morning Networking Break
Integrating Sustainability: Unraveling the Capital Benefits and Boosting Investor Confidence

•    The growing importance of sustainability and ESG reporting
•    Connect sustainability with your corporate purpose and digital strategy
•    The financial value of sustainability: What indicators are required in your sustainability report?
•    Presenting long term strategies, social positioning and business continuity plans in a practical and positive manner

[CASE STUDY] Treasury Centralization for Greater Visibility, Control and Agility

•    How centralization enables treasury to become a strategic business partner, and enhance overall cash position and bottom line?
•    Barriers to centralization
•    The different models of centralization and where best to locate your treasury center
•    Areas for consideration before making any shift in treasury model

speaker photo
Aria Nagasastra
Finance & Admin Director
WWF Indonesia
Strategic Cost Optimization: Driving Business Innovation While Ensuring Cost Efficiency

•    How to arrive at the matrix of critical and non-critical cost decisions
•    Balancing cost, value and risk factors while planning business alignment
•    Handling legacy resources and infrastructure: best practices
•    ROI on new technology integration vs. predicting fast emerging customer expectations

speaker photo
Ken Lee
Commercial Director, Corporate Sales
Lunch Break and Exhibition Visit
[PANEL DISCUSSION] Optimizing Tax Strategies and Savings: Staying on Top of Tax Reform Impacts and Mitigating Potential Risks

•    Updates on Indonesia’s new tax law: key tax changes
•    How does the regional tax policy and controversy trends impact Indonesian businesses?
•    Achieving savings and compliance: how to integrate tax consideration into business decisions and risk management approaches 
•    Making tax digital: ensuring real-time control and tax-ready information in support of the enterprise’s next growth phase 

Finance Function in a 4.0 World: Delivering Finance Digitization for Enhanced Efficiency and Higher Value Creation

•    Unravelling the building blocks of digital transformation, and common pitfalls
•    Launching the finance digitization journey: people, process and technology
•    Addressing resistance from stakeholders
•    Scaling digitalization: bringing agile into your platform modernization strategy

Leveraging Business Intelligence in Strengthening Your Strategic Planning

•    The challenge with data proliferation and how to aggregate data to allow for extraction of actionable strategic insight
•    Setting up analytics tracking to link customer characteristics and buying behaviors to revenue
•    Moving beyond historical data to develop a forward-looking financial forecast that foster competitiveness
•    Future trends: How will cloud analytics and AI change financial analytics and forecasting?

Fostering Collaborative Innovation to Transform Business and Drive Better Decision Making

  • The changing shape of the finance function and the need for finance business partnering
  • Establish conversations that generate insights, to build better business, together
  • Co-design collaboration structure that overcomes cross-functional silos
  • Essential skills and traits needed for effective business partnering

speaker photo
Andy Rahardja
Finance Director
IDS Medical Systems (idsMED)
Emerging Skillsets for the Evolving Roles in Modern Finance Organization
Afternoon Networking Break
Financial Storytelling: Delivering Strategic Value from FP & A to the Board and Stakeholders

•    Turning complex FP & A data into engaging narratives to gain stakeholders’ buy-in
•    Facilitating boardroom decision making through a holistic view on business objectives
•    What are the critical dashboard metrics that every CFO should have access to?
•    Applying visualizations and innovative technology to create, enrich and distribute a compelling story of performance

speaker photo
Sony Mayuvi
Group CFO
Blue Bird Group
Generating Higher Competitive Advantage and Sustainable Growth with Optimal Pricing Strategies and Effective Portfolio Realignment

  • Shifting the business focus effectively towards more profitable customer segments and regions 
  • Managing the risks of product innovation: evaluating the value proposition of new products against existing product lines and growing external competition 
  • Applying AI and advanced analytics to determine the optimal pricing and revenue management models 

speaker photo
Niraj Jain
Matahari Department Store
End of Conference


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