2nd CDO INNOVATION SUMMIT 2020 Singapore

Incorporating Strategies, Culture, Talents and Technologies to Lead Successful Enterprise Transformation

5 May 2020
One Farrer Hotel, Singapore

CDO Innovation Summit

Creating New and Sustainable Revenue Models and Increasing Efficiencies in Digitalization

19 March 2020, Singapore

[COVID-19 UPDATE: To ensure our stakeholders’ wellbeing and in light of MOH’s suggestions to avoid major gatherings, we have decided to postpone the event to 5 May 2020. We will soon be contacting you with date/venue/agenda confirmations. For further assistance, please contact our Operations Manager, Lily via llee@questex.com]

Recent survey findings by Microsoft-IDC in 2019 revealed that 85 per cent of organisations in Asia-Pacific  are  already in  the  midst  of their  digital  transformation  journey,  showing  that  a significant  and  positive  progress  has  been  made  in  accelerating  the  journey  towards digitalization.

As  a  regional  technology  development  and  integration  hub,  Singapore  has  allocated  $900 million for R&D in AI, robotics and supercomputers under the National Research Foundation's five-year fund, for a period of 2017 - 2021. Increasing investments in a secure and resilient 5G infrastructure are also expected to contribute to a thriving ecosystem that will innovation and create more opportunities for enterprises to digitalize.

  • What are the evolving roles of CDOs and their challenges?
  • What can organisations do internally to build the right culture for innovation and digitaltalent?
  • How can the newly minted CDOs handle legacy enterprise infrastructure and culture?
  • What are the best practices on integrating new business models cost effectively?
  • How  can  the  CDOs  build  cyber-resilience  and  agility  in  predicting  technology implementation?

Questex’s CDO Innovation Summit will help C-suite executives gain operational insights and best practices.

Key Topics

  • Effective building of digital-talent team and creating a culture of innovation
  • Implementing a unified approach by balancing digital-business goals and resources  
  • Increasing existing process efficiencies through digital-readiness audit
  • Enforcing resilient cybersecurity and strict governance framework during digital journey
  • CDO-Enablers: case studies and new technology tools

Who Should Attend
C-suite executives from cross-industries in Singapore will be attending and networking, from following profiles:

  • Chief Digital Officers, VP Digital
  • Heads of Digital Transformation
  • Heads of Innovation, Heads of Digital, Heads of Transformation, Heads of Strategy
  • Chief Customer Officers, Chief Data Officers, Heads of Digital/Customer Experience
‘This is a great opportunity to stay abreast of the industry and tech world.’
IT Director - Walton Brown (attended Questex Events - CIO Leadership Forum)
‘Glad to be here to share my expertise with other delegates and speakers’
CMO - Zalora Group (attended Questex Events - CMO Innovation Summit)
'It is a high-quality, informative and well-organized forum.'
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‘Very Informative conference – the latest thinking is here!’
Head of Marketing - Owned & Bought Media, - Lane Crawford (attended Questex Events - CMO Innovation Summit)
'Enjoyed the experience and the event; the content was very useful.’
VP, Applications Services - Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (attended Questex Events - CMO Innovation Summit)


Registration & Welcome Coffee
Conference Chairman’s Welcome Remarks
Decoding a CDO’s Dilemma: Balancing between Siloed Operations vs. Unified Approach

Oftentimes implementing digital goals while working in silos lead to duplication of efforts and burden resources without achieving much success. How do CDOs collaborate with stakeholders effectively and lead their organization towards their digital transformation goals, while not entirely dismantling the existing structure? What are the key success factors for organisations to move to new digital models? 
•    Overcoming the challenges in building a unified approach - from design to implementation for digital path
•    Managing differing objectives for digital approaches
•    Presenting Cost – Benefit realization for setting goals and digital directions: making sense of technology, time and human resource matrix

[PANEL] What Worked for Us: Overcoming the Perennial Challenge of Creating Innovation-centric Approach

Most enterprises find the transition phase towards digital operations challenging. In addition to implementing a ‘top-down’ approach in creating a digital-conducive environment and nurturing innovation-centric culture, there is a need to ensure the digital manifesto is embedded in the DNA of organisations. What are the key approaches CDOs should consider to increase success: 
•    Hiring: how to start a good plan well in advance  
•    Upskilling: how to handle resistance and inhibition  
•    Training: integrating new and regular tools to train & monitor

How New Rules of Digital Engagement Will Revolutionize the Way We Connect with Our Customers

In a hyperconnected world where innovative companies aim to connect with customers directly or through intermediaries, we will see new partnership ecosystems formed. In the new platform-based economy, organizations are relooking the way we engage with our customers. Data-driven organisations need to stay mobile, agile and connected and to leverage technologies that can help them gain strategic insights. 
•    Becoming digital-first: What does it entail? 
•    Redevising the ways we work, connect and collaborate 
•    End-to-end platforms that help data-driven organizations improve communications and gain insights 

Networking Break
Turning Data into Actionable Insights: The Next Stage of Predictive Analytics

Data is the new ‘oil’ and organisations who are well poised to leverage data will gain insights that can help them create new revenue models. 
•    How to avoid sinking in the data avalanche
•    Understanding real-time predictive analytics and gaining a 360 degree view
•    How accurate and reliable insights can influence digital decision-making 

Digital Monetization as a KPI: What are the Metrics for determining Success?

Depending on the digital maturity of organisations, the success of digital monetisation varies. In some cases, CDOs are able to deliver profitable business outcomes based on platforms to create value and competitive advantage. In other cases, CDOs are able to monetise data assets and reinvent business models to create new revenue streams. What are the metrics to determine success when digital monetisation is a KPI? How should organisations benchmark performance to business outcome effectively?
•    Making a commercial impact on running businesses
•    What are the remits of CDO with respect to digital monetization
•    How are the KPIs set in varyingly matured enterprises

[CASE STUDY] O2O Case Study: Winning Big with Efficient Digital tools

With m-commerce gaining predominance and overtaking the retail business in certain geographies/sectors, retailers are seeking to increase their digital competitiveness to stay viable. A reverse flow is also visible with consumers flocking back to brick and mortar stores. How a retail industry CDO would address these behavioural shifts through digital tools and improved analytics?

speaker photo
Johnny Wong
Chief Digital & Technology Officer, NTUC Enterprise & CEO, Digital Business
FairPrice Group
[CASE STUDY] Innovating to Disrupt the Payments and Transactions: Staying Ahead of the Competition

With tech giants disrupting the traditional BFSI industry with their agile payment and transactional innovations, how are the banks transforming themselves to stay ahead of the competition? 

speaker photo
Sebastian Wedeniwski
CIO Technology Strategy & aXess
Standard Chartered Bank
AI and Machine Learning as Cost Effective CX Tools

Conversational AI chatbots are utilised to engage with customers and improve their engagement experience. Autonomous workflows have also improved with AI and machine learning. How can organisations accelerate their transformation and attain greater growth? 
•    Improving the CX through adequate and relevant digital tools
•    Achieve operational excellence and better ROI from digital investments
•    Increase efficiencies and automate workflows 

Business Networking Lunch
Hybrid Cloud: The Inseparable Solution for Digital Solutioneering

Legacy systems in storage or on-prem systems should be a thing of the past but even major enterprises are still encumbered by the presence. How can they create a roadmap in migrating from the legacy systems to implementing modern technologies? What is the approach these enterprises should undertake to increase their success when transitoning? 

•    Creating a roadmap for modernizing legacy systems 
•    Increase speed to market and agility with new technologies
•    Modernise legacy systems cost-effectively and efficiently


[CASE STUDY] How are APIs and digitalisation changing the rules of engagement in the insurance industry?

APIs have been used successfully to build partner ecosystems and provide new offerings for customers. How have the rules of engagement changed in the insurance industry, traditionally encumbered by red-tape and rarely innovative?

speaker photo
Tomasz Kurczyk
Chief Transformation and Digital Officer
[PANEL] Upcoming Technologies Influencing CDO’s Function: Gearing Up for the Impact of Blockchain and 5G Rollout

With 5G coming on full stream, the wealth of data is expected to exponentially increase. With no latency issues as 5G come on, what potential does it hold for businesses? How will organisations speed up their data processing capabilities? How will this increased connectivity change the way data is transferred and stored? 
•    How will 5G change the digital landscape further
•    Leveraging and gaining predictive insights with more user data
•    Will CDOs need investment decision-making to be swift in procuring technologies 

Digital Transformation Investments: How CDOs View Cybersecurity Challenges and How do they Address them

Opening up your business segments to more digitization and increased connectivity exposes another unexpected outcome: more socially engineered and sophisticated cyberattacks. How are digitally native CDOs viewing this risk of opening up to increased breaches and how can they safeguard their digital assets? 
•    Understanding the digital organisation’s cyber risks, vulnerabilities and challenges
•    Devising a holistic approach to reinforce the cybersecurity of organisations  
•    Innovating to actively protect and safeguard digital assets 

Networking Break
[Fireside Chat] Revolutionizing the CX in the healthcare Industry: A Digital Success Story

How has the healthcare industry, traditionally an industry with strict audit procedures and legacies successfully adopt digital transformation to become digital? What are some of the success stories?

Governance and Compliance Challenges in Digital Transformation: How do the C-suites Plan and Implement a Comprehensive Framework to Stay Compliant

Governance and compliance should not be left as an afterthought as companies move to become digital. Ineffective governance can lead to missed opportunities and become more costly for organisations.   

  • What governance and compliance challenges come up for a CDO 
  • Review of regulatory policies that impact digital compliance 
  • Pitfalls and risks in ignoring digital governance 
  • Case studies of digital non-compliance and cost and sustainability challenges

speaker photo
Arivuvel Ramu
Tonik Bank
Closing Remarks and End of Day


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