26 May 2017

2nd CMO Innovation Summit Hong Kong

Businesses across sectors aspire to provide individualised, anytime and anywhere brand experiences. The role of CMO therefore, is contesting that of a strategy leader, business transformer and innovation adopter. Skill gaps to fulfil this tall order, however, as to any other C-suite leaders, are widely recognised yet remain a leap forward in action. How to collect and analyse data across all channels, to truly understand customers, how to go about fulfilling such needs by designing and delivering authentic brand experiences, and how to align people, processes and technology to achieve above business objectives, are critical capabilities required of CMOs in Asia and globally.


With tremendous success last year, the 2nd CMO Innovation Summit, Asia’s premier marketing strategy forum catered for CMOs/Heads of Marketing from Fortune 500 and fastest growing companies. With a focus on the disruptive force of digital, as well as the role of CMO in building a customer-centric business, the event aims at delivering practical knowledge to equip and empower CMOs in Asia to seize internal and external opportunities for business success, and to leap forward in their careers.


As part of an integrated content, CMO Innovation Summit celebrates and extends the outreach of CMO Innovation, Asia's number one reference publication for CMOs. The summit welcomes 200 CMOs/Marketing Heads/CIOs/Chief Digital Officer/Chief Innovation Officer from retail, hospitality and other marketing-driven industries in the region, as well as cutting edge solution providers and digital strategists.


The summit content is under the guidance of an APAC CMO advisory panel:

Ms. Tricia Weener, Global Marketing Director, HSBC

Ms Sian E Chadwick, VP JAPA Marketing, Global Merchant Services, American Express

Mr Sylvain Michel, Vice President – Customer Experience, Lane Crawford

Ms. Andrea Wong, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, AXA Hong Kong

Ms Maria Nakpil, VP Regional Marketing & eCommerce Asia Pacific, Hilton Worldwide

Ms Xiaofeng Wang, Senior Analyst, B2C Marketing, Forrester Research

Mr  Greg Paull, Principal & Co-Founder, R3


CMO Innovation Summit is supported by CMO Innovation and FierceCMO, newsletters serving the CMO community in Asia and globally.

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‘Glad to be here to share my expertise with other delegates and speakers’
CMO - Zalora Group
‘Very Informative conference – the latest thinking is here!’
Head of Marketing - Owned & Bought Media, - Lane Crawford
'Enjoyed the experience and the event; the content was very useful.’
VP, Applications Services - Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Registration & Welcome Coffee
Conference Chairman’s Welcome Remarks

Video Showcase

Opening keynote: Trend observation- what’s in store for China and Asia in 2017

The year of 2016 has seen many changes globally and in the region. Globally competition is rising in all the key industries- increasingly digitally savvy customers decide in favour or against a brand based on anytime, anywhere brand interactions in addition to product offering and pricing. In Asia and especially China, innovations in mobile, payment, e-commerce significantly enhanced businesses' capabilities in offering more competitive goods and services, meanwhile engaging customers through multiple channels with real-time interactions. Opportunities and challenges both present themselves to marketers, and the keynote highlights the key trends to look out for in 2017 while making recommendations for marketers how to steer their efforts for another year of success. 

speaker photo
Xiaofeng Wang
Senior Analyst, B2C Marketing
Forrester Research
CMO Keynote: Digital command centre as the central intelligence to deliver seamless customer experience

Digital advanced organisations globally are gaining upper hands through investing in data, and process innovation.

  • Maximising data we know to create content, while respecting data privacy act
  • Enable front-line staff to enhance customer lifetime value understanding and smart engagement
  • Re-aligning functions within the organisation to ensure consistent customer experience delivery

speaker photo
Peggy Fang Roe
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, APAC,
Marriott International
Understanding your marketing technology needs in order to deliver context marketing

Customers today demand highly personalized experiences from brands. Gone are the days when it was acceptable for marketers to deliver one‐size‐fits‐most experiences both online and offline. The future of individualized customer experiences lies with marketing in context of customer interaction history, delivering content based on the sum total of a person’s past behaviors and current needs rather than blindly pushing out marketing. This keynote will explore the attributes you should look for in technology that will break data and application silos and deliver the 360‐degree view of the customer you need in order to market in context of their interaction history.

speaker photo
Mark Wheeler
Vice President Marketing EMEA and APAC
Morning Break & Networking
CMO Keynote: The digital sales playbook

This keynote aims at offering a practical guide for marketers to succeed in building a successful digital sales franchise, drawing on the speaker's experiences leading digital transformation for multinational organisations. Through B2B and B2C marketing cases, the speaker will illustrate how to successfully identify the building blocks, map the customer journey as a core framework, set marketing metrics directly linked to impact on business, align interest with agencies, and clearly define marketing's role while mobilising sales, IT and operation to build a digital ecosystem - to ultimately fulfil the customer oriented brand experiences and drive business growth.

speaker photo
DJ Choi
Chief Marketing Officer, International Markets
CMO Strategy panel: serve customers, excel in business- digital leaders’ roadmap

With the increasing role of CMO in the board room, opportunities and challenges both present themselves to marketing leaders in leading the transformation of the business and ensure its continued relevance to customers. This panel of CMOs will share how they steer the ships and creating a greater impact:

  • Gaining real-time decision support through data aggregation despite function-led organisational structures
  • From reach, brand awareness to KPI driven: how to effectively communicate marketing role and contribution to business across the entire organisation
  • Fulfilling customer experience promises through effective collaboration and clear attribution strategy with CRM, e-commerce and supply chain teams

The Third Wave: Organisational agility & marketing beyond product & distribution

We are operating in a period of sustained disruption, where 70% of all effort is focused on disrupting the last mile of customer experience and picking the winners is really hard. As existing organisations learn to be agile in the face of change, shifting organisational mindset from product & distribution to customer experience presents marketers with a daunting prospect with implications across process, people and platform. Thankfully, there are things we can do to lessen the impact, map a course towards experience innovation, and make progress now within the limitations we face.

speaker photo
Murray Howe
Head of Industry Strategy APAC
Adobe Systems
Morning Breakout Group Sessions
Executive Networking Lunch
Expert Insights: Engagement in the Digital Age
Keynote: The Hidden Gems in Your Data

Businesses today possess a lot of data. But is it being used as much as it should be? Brands today invest a lot of resources to drive sales based on data provided by third parties. This keynote will explore how your business should take advantage of its own set of data to discover new business growth areas, product development and marketing opportunities.

speaker photo
Kelvin Leung
Head of Digital Commerce
Young and Rubicam
Content Strategy Panel: Omnichannel content creation and distribution

Once data is collected, and a better understanding of customers' individual needs is formulated, it is time to design and deploy the wow content. Generic content is no longer fitting in the desire to cater to individual customer needs anytime, anywhere. How do we create real time, tailor-made content? What technologies and processes should be put in place to manage content across channel effectively, and how can agencies and external partners play a more active role in reaching out to customers at time and location of their choice? This panel of content experts will examine some good practices in the region and globally. 

Afternoon Break & Networking
Group discussion: Digital partnerships within and across industries – the marketing prerogative

Boundaries are blurring across industries and touch points. Companies across sectors are seeking strategic partnerships to form an eco-system that offer convenience to customers. How do CMOs respond and plan for such win-win partnerships? 

Closing panel: Digital partnerships within and across industries – the marketing prerogative

This session summarises the takeaways from the earlier group discussion and brings up a panel of experts to provide final takeaways to CMOs on what can be implemented immediately after the event. 

Closing Remarks by Chair


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Understanding your marketing technology needs in order to deliver context marketing


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Keynote: The Hidden Gems in Your Data